Anti-corruption Action Center is implementing the Project “Empowering Civil Society and Journalists in Oversight and Promotion of Effective Anti-corruption Environment Project”

CSO Anti-corruption Action Center in partnership with Nashi Groshi NGO and with the financial support from the World Bank is implementing the Project “Empowering Civil Society and Journalists in Oversight and Promotion of Effective Anti-corruption Environment Project”. The Action started in June 2020 and will be implemented during the following 3 years. 

The comprehensive initiative aims to strengthen anti-corruption sector in Ukraine and consists of the three components. 

The first component “Capacity-building for collaborative social accountability” aims at strengthening partner organizations and regional journalists. Among the key activities under this component are the following: coordinating the network of investigative journalists and activists of Ukraine; establishing Micro-Centers of Investigative Journalism in the poor investigative journalism regions; development of video lessons and tutorship for investigative journalists and activists; establishment of cooperation with local authorities and representatives of the law enforcement bodies through meetings and sharing information.

The second component “Implementing collaborative social accountability mechanisms for improved anti-corruption efforts” aims at promotion and advocacy of further development and strengthening of the anti-corruption sector in Ukraine. The following activities are envisaged under this component: advocating for effective legal and institutional framework for effective verification of asset declarations; advocating for transparent selection of the leadership of the Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office; civic oversight over top-corruption cases; preventing legislative and institutional rollbacks in anti-corruption reform; advocating the relaunch of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine; challenging the corruption cases revealed in Nashi Groshi’s investigations; establishment of effective cooperation with state bodies.

The third component “Improving knowledge and learning on the use of social accountability for anti-corruption in Ukraine and project management” aims at strengthening capacity of the partner NGOs and includes a number of activities for improving knowledge and skills of the Project teams.  

Labor complaints or any other complaints and/or proposals in the framework of the Project implementation can be sent to (topic of the letter “complaint / labor complaint / proposal, World Bank Project”).

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