Announcement — Guard with photos of the Revolution of Dignity. Activists remind members of the High Council of Justice why the initiator of the crackdown of Maidan should be dismissed

On Tuesday, December 10, the High Council of Justice (HCJ) will re-examine the complaint of the odious judge of the Kyiv District Administrative Court Yevhen Ablov against the decision of the HCJ Disciplinary Chamber to dismiss him. The Ablov will either be finally dismissed or stay in office. It is noteworthy that the decision of the HCJ will be taken at the anniversary of the crackdown on activists on the Maidan in 2013, which was initiated by Ablov.

The action begins at 9.30 am. HCJ’s meeting begins at 10.00 am. Address: 12a Studentska Str, Kyiv.

The last meeting of the HCJ took place on an equally important day, November 21, the sixth anniversary of the start of the Euromaidan. At that time, members of the High Council of Justice refused to make a decision.

This time, civic activists will come to the HCJ building, demanding the dismissal of a notorious judge who remains in office despite numerous abuses and paid-for decisions.During the action, there will be a briefing held by:

  • Roman Maselko, activist of Automaind NGO and attorney of families of heroes of Heavenly Hundred
  • Halyna Chyzhyk, expert of Anti-corruption Action Centre
  • Stepan Berko, advocacy manager of DEJURE Foundation

Here are Ablov’s offences. He made it impossible to investigate “the Avakov’s backpacks” case worth UAH 14 million UAH. The judge also appears on tapes recorded by NABU in the office of the chairman of the OASK, Pavel Vovk.

However, it is symbolic that in December 2013, Ablov obliged the special forces to make a crackdown on activists of the Maidan because they “prevented walking at Khreshchatyk.” The crackdown took place on the night of December 10.

Therefore, activists will come to the HCJ with pictures from the Revolution of Dignity, because it will be disrespectful to the participants of the Euromaidan to remain Ablov in the office on this day.

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