Announcement. Public Discussion on the circumstances of damage caused by Russia to the Ukrainian agricultural sphere and the global food security

#RussiaCausesFamine  #Holodomor2022

We, International Center for Ukrainian Victory, sincerely invite you to visit a Ukrainian farm of more than 1 000 ha, which was under russian occupation. It is a good opportunity to get a first-hand look at ruined offices and warehouses, agricultural machinery burned out by russian tanks and missiles and fields of wheat, corn and sunflower seeds partially burned after the invaders’ attacks. 

Participants will discuss the following issues:

  • the problem of farming in temporarily occupied areas and regions;
  • blocked seaports, roads, warehouses and granaries, which leads to significant problems with logistics and raw materials;
  • mined or infested with unexploded ordnance fields and roads;
  • significant lack of fuel and lubricants and necessary spare parts;
  • destroyed and damaged farms along with agricultural equipment taken out to the territory of russia from South-East Ukraine by invaders; 
  • lack of current assets and exorbitant prices for fertilizers, which are already in short supply.


Pavlo Taranenko, owner of seed production company “Antaria”, whose farm suffered from russian attacks. Farmers removed fragments of rockets from fields with their own hands to continue sowing.

Olexander Fishchun, owner and director of Farm Iveriya-agro, whose area was under occupation and faced a lot of damages

Hanna Hopko, co-organizer of the International center for Ukrainian Victory

Ivan Miroshchnichenko, Member of the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations, Vice-president of the Ukrainian Grain Association. Former advisor to the Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine. 

Ihor Melnyk, owner of the subsidiary “Agrogeofizika”, whose territory is under occupation at this moment

After a large-scale Russian invasion on February 24, 2022 russia has started terrorizing the whole world by hunger. Russian invaders occupied more than 123,000 square kilometers of land, comprising lots of fertile fields. According to the UN World Food Program, at the beginning of 2022, 276 million people suffered from acute hunger. If the war in Ukraine continues, this number may increase by another 47 million.

For more than 4 months russian warships have been blocking Ukrainian merchant vessels full of 22 million tonnes of grain and sunflower seeds in Black Sea Ports. Ukraine is a key player in the global food trade. The country supplies 15% of the world’s maize and is the global leader in sunflower oil production. Seaports of Ukraine handled about 70% of the Ukrainian export. 

To attend the discussion, please apply via the Media Accreditation Form.

Date: 11:00 Thursday, July 14 

Location: Farm Iveriya-agro, Shevchenkove, Brovari district. 


Vlada Dumenko, Communications Manager, ICUV, +385 99 8559 860

Tetiana Shevchuk, International Relations Manager, +380 97 7951590


International Center for Ukrainian Victory, ICUV,

(photo by @libkos )

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