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Justice should not fall hostage to the demands of the aggressor state
Declaring anti-corruption action stories
European Court Lifted Sanctions from Serhiy Klyuyev
Harassment of Anti-corruption Activists. American Lobbyists Recruited to Help?
The Court Ordered MP Pynzenyk to Contest his Allegations against AntAC
AntAC Brings an Action Against Lutsenko for Secret Decision on Confiscation of “Yanukovych’s Money”
Final Declaration of the Organization Committee of the Action “The Big Political Reform”
Tax Police Started a Criminal Proceeding against Anti-Corruption Action Centre
The President initiated a draft law to abolish asset declarations for anticorruption activists
AntAC’s Suit Against Security Service of Ukraine to Disclose E-declarations: Continuation
Mr. Pynzenyk requested to shut down AntAC as a non-profit organization
Due to the lifting of EU sanctions from crony of Yanukovych Yura Yenakiyevskyi Ukraine lost 5.4 billion USD – activists
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