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Furniture instead of medicines, “Great Construction” and inflated prices. The AntAC analyzed the year of COVID procurements
90% of medicines from the Oncology For Adults Program are procured cheaper today than in 2014 – the AnTAC’s report
Tymoshenko’s Medical “Braid”: “the new course” for the inner circle
Why “free” heart attack costs so much
“Corrupt Royal Family”: Amosov Clan Makes Money On State University
Ukrainian hospitals procure medicines for prices up to 4 times higher than international organizations
Selective approach of SAP in investigation of corruption cases in healthcare sector
The Anti-corruption Prosecution says “no” to international procurement of medicines and says “yes” to Dr Protas
After Counterintelligence of SSU “Dialysis” Case Was Taken By Military Prosecutors And They Also Turned Against It – Investigation
Hippocratic millionaires. Who of the white coats will lose from the reform?
Counterintelligence in White Coats: Secret Service of Ukraine Against Patients
International organizations saved Ukraine 620 million UAH during procurement of medicines in 2015 – Analytical Report of AntAC
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