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The PCIE and the HQCJ will hold 6 meetings regarding questionable candidates to the Anti-Corruption Court by the end of January

The first out of six joint meetings of the Public Council of International Experts and the High Qualification Commission of Judges will take place on January 18. During it international experts will be able to finally exclude from the competition candidates dishonest and unprofessional in their view. Currently 49 out of 113 candidates raised concerns.

In particular, the HQCJ website states that meetings are scheduled on January 18, January 21, January 22, January 23, January 24 and January 28. The beginning of all meetings is scheduled at 9.30 a.m. at the address Kyiv, 9 Mekhanizatoriv street.

We should note that candidates nominated for exclusion from the competition by the international experts are also invited to joint meetings of the HQCJ and the PCIE. They will have opportunity to refute doubts about themselves by answering questions.

During the meeting members of the HQCJ and the PCIE will vote whether candidates meet the criteria of integrity and have professional competence. If 3 out of 6 members of the PCIE and 9 members of the HQCJ do not confirm the candidate’s suitability, he or she stops participating in the competition.

At that point the PCIE’s work will be completed and the High Qualification Commission of Judges will shortlist winners of the competition from remaining candidates at its own discretion.

The consideration of following candidates is scheduled on January 18:

The consideration of following candidates is scheduled on January 21:

  • Bilous Inna Oleksandrivna
  • Burda Petro Oleksiyovych
  • Didyk Mykola Volodymyrovych
  • Dmytriev Vyacheslav Stalislavovych
  • Kimstachov Oleh Serhiyovych
  • Omelyan Oleksiy Serhiyovych
  • Onufriev Viktor Mykolayovych
  • Solovyov Ivan Mykolayovych
  • Feskov Petro Vasylyovych
  • Khytryk Ruslan Ivanovych
  • Chernysh Tetyana Oleksandrivna
  • Yagunov Dmytro Viktorovych

The consideration of following candidates is scheduled on January 22:

  • Bodnar Serhiy Bogdanovych
  • Galabala Markiyan Vasylyovych
  • Goncharuk Vasyl Mykolayovych
  • Kos Ihor Bogdanovych
  • Maleyev Andriy Yuriyovych
  • Postulga Vasyl Yevhenovych
  • Salandyak Olga Yaroslavivna
  • Stanislavskyi Valeriy Petrovych
  • Chorna Valeriya Viktorivna

The consideration of following candidates is scheduled on January 23:

The consideration of following candidates is scheduled on January 24:

  • Bondarchuk Ruslan Anatoliyovych
  • Voronko Volodymyr Dmytrovych
  • Golovchak Maryan Mykhaylovych
  • Kovtunenko Olesya Volodymyrivna
  • Krutiy Yuriy Petrovych
  • Krutsenko Tetyana Vitaliyivna
  • Salo Andriy Bogdanovych
  • Fedyayev Serhiy Volodymyrovych
  • Yakovenko Andriy Oleksandrovych

The consideration of following candidates is scheduled on January 28:

  • Pikovskyi Vyacheslav Yuriyovych
  • Smaznova Iryna Serhiyivna

We should recall that earlier the list of candidates, who were not worthy to work at the High Anti-Corruption Court, was presented by non-governmental organizations, namely the Anti-Corruption Action Center, DEJURE Foundation, AutoMaydan and Transparency International Ukraine.

In general, 55 out of 113 candidates, who had previously successfully passed exams to the High Anti-Corruption Court, are on the list of contenders whose reputation is questionable. The PCIE nominated 38 candidates out of this list for exclusion from the competition.