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ANNOUNCEMENT — The trial regarding the SBU officials’ declarations was postponed to October 24

The trial was postponed to October 24, 12:20, due to the unexpected vacation of the judge. The secretary of the court announced it less than a day before scheduled court hearing.

The Supreme Court (8 Moskovska street, building 5) will consider once again the cassation appeal of the Anti-Corruption Action Center regarding the decision of the first and the appellate instances in the case of classifying asset declarations of the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

“We hope that this time the Supreme Court will ultimately make the final decision regarding this case. We have been suing the Security Service of Ukraine for one and a half year in three court instances. And we hear nothing new from the SBU. We believe that this is the conspiracy between the NACP and the SBU in order to postpone this trial. It is obvious that they do not want this court decision to be made”, stated Olena Shcherban, the lawyer of the Anti-Corruption Action Center.

We should recall that the break was announced at the previous hearing, so that the NACP’s representatives were able to get acquainted with the SBU’s explanations and provide information whether the NACP had verified declarations of the SBU employees. Representatives of the NACP stated in the court that they did not know whether the agency had conducted such examination.

Thus, in 2017, the AntAC filed the appeal against the SBU regarding the classification of declarations of the SBU employees.

In January 2018, Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal affirmed the right for the leadership of the SBU not to consider the direct norm of the Law and not to submit declarations. In fact, they destroyed any chance to bring to responsibility at least one SBU officer for the lie in declarations.

Activists consider recognition of SBU leadership’s asset declarations as state secrets to be illegal. Moreover, the submission is done not to the NACP Register, but to the own closed system of the unknown origin, where only the Security Service has an access.

Some of this information has label “top-secret”, some – “secret”. Herewith, even public information is illegally classified about the leadership and officials of the SBU, whose names and positions are well known to the public and published in official documents, for example, in the Presidential Decrees.

Anti-corruption fighters intend to oblige the SBU in the court to declassify information in declarations and information regarding changes in the property status of the leadership and investigators, as well as to recognize the establishment by the Security Service of its own system of processing and storage of declarations illegal.

If the Supreme Court doesn’t make the related decision, activists will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

The court hearing will be held at: Kyiv, 8 Moskovska street, building 5.