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Of UAH 10 bln “Recovered by Prosecutors”, Only UAH 3,8 bln Can Be Accounted – Journalists Report

Of the 10 billion USD, which, according to Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General’s Office recovered through the instrument of court representation in 2016 only UAH 3.8 billion can be realistically accounted.

This is confirmed by the analysis of the journalists of “Nashy Groshy”.

Screenshot 2017-05-27 at 06.43.44

Non-government organization “Nashy Groshy” analysed the data on recovery of assets to the state budget and citizens during 2016, the findings are the following:

  • More than 5,6 thousand of court decisions provided by the PGO analysed.
  • Lawsuits on the amount of UAH 9,6 detected.
  • Real recovery to the state budget and citizens identified for the sum of UAH 3.81 bln.
  • Problems in the methodology of calculation of the real sums recovered during the procedures of representation of state and citizens identified.

Out of confirmed UAH 3,8 bln, the really recovered sum is UAH 1,26 bln. This is money recovered in favour of the state as debts, penalties, and compensation for damages. It also includes UAH 2,85 mln recovered in favor of minors.

The rest of the nearly one billion UAH is the value of property and land, which were reclaimed by the state, including property returned under contracts terminated by courts, escheat and ownerless property transferred to state or community ownership.

It should be noted that these amounts do not single out data on court decisions that have already come into force or not.

The main types of sums recovered through judicial decisions, which, according to “Nashy Groshy” can not be included in the report on the achievements of the state as a result of prosecution representation in courts, and are not supported by us are the following:

  • Recovery debts and fines from state or communal companies into the state budget.
  • The dispute between the state and local authority, communal organization or state company regarding the property. In such cases, prosecution counts the value of the entire property.
  • Accounting the value of property or land that are returned from lease or custody.

We would like to remind that in early 2017, the General Prosecutor’s Office reported on the results of representation of the state and citizens in courts in 2016. The PGO press service reported positive court decisions in more than 4 thousand cases recovering UAH 10 bln.

Prosecutor General, Yuriy Lutsenko explained that of this amount, there is UAH 5 bln recovered as land,  UAH 1,5 bln as real estate, and UAH 3,4 bln as cash.

Following the request of MP Victor Chumak, the PGO provided in paper form all the court decisions giving grounds for the above numbers. All the data provided by the PGO was divided into three blocks, namely LAND, MONEY AND PROPERTY. They totalled in 51 volumes of court decisions and documents that have to confirm payments or value of property.

More details will follow later in the further articles of “Nashy Groshy”.