We are the team of people who are fed up with corruption and impunity of all types and all levels

What we do

  • We work to make corruption in our country exception
  • We develop legislation and achieve not just adoption but complete implementation
  • We seek irreversibility of punishment for TOP kleptocrats even outside of Ukraine
  • We help partners to become more efficient to make systemic changes in Ukraine together

Our values

We are focused on the result
All our actions are aimed at achieving results
We change the reality
Our activities change established norms and rules
We always play as an orchestra
The synergy of competences of every person gives the best result

Source of funding

  • 01
    US government
  • 02
    EU and Member States governments
  • 03
    Private international funds
  • 04
    Charitable donations from companies and individuals

We are funded by the citizens of Ukraine, USA and European Union. We are thankful for every donation and project, which we have managed to implement thanks to your support.

Supervisory Board

Oleksa Shalaiskyi
Сo-founder and Chief Editor of "Nashi Groshi" project, investigative journalist
Giovanni Kessler
Famous Italian lawyer and prosecutor
He specializes in tackling fraud, financial crimes and corruption
Oliver Bullough
UK journalist and writer
He makes journalist investigations of corruption and financial crimes, he is awarded numerous prestigious awards
Karen A. Greenaway
Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent at International Corruption Unit
World expert on investigating  transborder organized crime, corruption and money laundering


AntAC is more than our civic activism, it is our everyday life.


Olena Halushka
Head of international relations department
Olena has 5 years of experience in international advocacy and communication
Antonina Volkotrub
Head of analytical department
The head of analytical department
Olena Shcherban
Deputy executive director, head of legal department
Olena is expert in public procurements. She has more than 10 years of experience of work in the government and non-government sector
Daria Kaleniuk
Executive director, co-founder
Daria coordinates work on asset recovery of the Centre and project pep.org.ua
Vitaliy Shabunin
Head of board, co-founder
Vitaliy works in GR sector for more than 10 years. Vitaliy has been the head of Council of public control of NABU, he has been a member of Selection commission selecting the head of SAP
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