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Допомагаємо повернути украдені корупціонерами гроші назад в Україну.

Kings of Ukrainian Gas – 2

The story of the gas kings in contemporary Ukraine would be incomplete without the Golden Derrick Company. However, this company does not appear in the responses that we received from Derzhgeonadra concerning enterprises, which had been granted licenses. Do you know why? …Because this company gets permits to develop gas fields directly from local councils without having to go through tenders.

Olena Adamovych, Deputy Governor of Poltava Region: “All in support of Golden Derrick!”

“The regional administration should help extraction enterprises, particularly Golden Derrick LLC, obtain special permits for oil and gas mineral resources.” announced Olena Adamovych, Deputy Governor of Poltava Region, to her subordinates in her May report.

According to information that Slidstvu.Info obtained from the Poltava Regional Council, from September to December 2011, Golden Derrick LLC received permits for the development and subsequent extraction of oil and gas in 20 fields in Poltava Region.

Stepan Bulba, who was once governor of Poltava, and is now a deputy in the Poltava Regional Council, said that Golden Derrick will actually dig up half of the region in search of gas.

“At a meeting of the regional council, I set one condition: Let’s create a special parliamentary group to find out who is behind this company and whether it can deal with these areas.” Stepan Bulba informed Slidstvo.Info. “The members of the regional council were frightened and rejected this idea!”

In the meantime, in Dnipropetrovsk Region, “Zolota Vyshka” (which translates as “Golden Derrick”) got permission to develop eight more oil and gas fields.

Thus, the Golden Derrick Company exploits a total of 28 (!) natural deposits in these two regions of Ukraine.

Neither Oleksandr Yanukovych’s companies nor Ihor Kolomoisky’s firms can boast of such an incredible number of deposits. Therefore, it was even more interesting for us to find out who is behind this privileged company.

The office of Golden Derrick LLC is located in Poltava. When we tried to talk to the company management, the secretary answered our calls saying that the management was either on holidays or working at different sites.

Therefore, we were forced to address the State Register. According to official data, Golden Derrick is controlled by Hartlog Limited, a Cypriot company. This company owns 70% of “Zolota Vyshka” and the rest (30%) is owned by Naftogaz of Ukraine. The state has only a minority presence as one of the founders of the company, so it has no control over it. On the other hand, the state allows Golden Derrick to extract mineral resources without tendering.

Well then, who’s really behind the Cypriots at Hartlog Limited? It’s yet another Cypriot company – Dorigin Limited. It’s owned by Peter Pallag, a Hungarian lawyer. He controls 28 gas fields in Central Ukraine through the entire chain of the Golden Derrick Company.


Peter Pallag, a Hungarian lawyer, controls Golden Derrick through Dorigin Ltd.


Question: Is Peter Pallag really a gas tycoon, or does his name only appear in various documents at the request of some officials in Ukraine?

Slidstvo.Info managed to reach Mr. Pallag in Hungary. He spoke Russian quite well, but when he heard that we were journalists, he stated that he didn’t know the language very well, and asked us to write an official letter. Mr. Pallag, a lawyer, swore that he had nothing to do with the ownership of Hartlog Limited (and hence of Golden Derrick), and insisted that he was only a “representative of the company”.

Peter Pallag (center) along with the Mr. Proskuryak, Director of Nadra Ukraine (left) and Mr. Maydebura, Director of the Golden Derrick Company (right)

Nevertheless, we became very interested in this Hungarian, Mr. Pallag, who comes to Ukraine, is photographed standing near a portrait of Yanukovych, but denies any knowledge of one of the largest gas companies in the country.

We found documents that prove that this is not the first time that Peter Pallag has been involved in Ukrainian business. In 2004-2005, this Hungarian was the director of a British company – Reef Steel Works. One of the founders of this company was a resident of Hungary – Borys Prysyazhnyuk. Doesn’t that name ring a bell?

Peter Pallag was even involved in managing British companies


It’s interesting to note that another firm with a similar name – Reef Holdings Plc. – is registered at the British office of Peter Pallag and Borys Prysyazhnyuk . From 1997 to 2001, the owner and director of this company was Mykola Volodymyrovych Prysyazhnyuk, who is now the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Foodstuff of Ukraine.

The British past of Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy

The Minister and His Shadow

Who is this Hungarian fellow, Borys Prysyazhnyuk? Slidstvo.Info decided to ask the Minister, Mykola Prysyazhnyuk.

Do you have a relative called Borys Prysyazhnyuk in Hungary?

Yes, that’s my brother.

Do you know Peter Pallag, a Hungarian lawyer?

No, no.

And you’ve never met him?


It’s very difficult to believe that Mr. Prysyazhnyuk doesn’t know his business partner, even a former one. In fact, the names “Pallag” and “Prysyazhnyuk” have often appeared together on various British documents.

Another interesting detail: On the website of the Information Resource Center, you can find an entrepreneur called Mykola Volodymyrovych Prysyazhnyuk, who has ceased all business activities.


Surname, first name, patronymic Prysyazhnyuk Mykola Volodymyrovych                  
Contact information of the person-entrepreneur  Tel. : 5019718
Registration location Pechersk District State Administration, Kyiv
Date and name of last registration act 27.07.2006: State registration of cessation of business activities of the person-entrepreneur according to his own wishes
Data on business activities/Data on the person-entrepreneur during the cessation of business activities Suspended

State Enterprise “Information and Resource Center”

The businessman’s phone number: (044) 501-97-18. If you call this number, you’ll reach the Reef and Raks/Rax Companies. At different times, both of them were registered at 17 Shota Rustaveli Str. in Kyiv. It was here that the representative office of the British firm, Reef Holdings Plc. was located; Slidstvo.Info has the corresponding document at its disposal.

Thus, different addresses and documents prove that the entrepreneur, Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, is connected to the Hungarian, Peter Pallag, who has registered thousands of hectares of Ukrainian gas deposit fields through the Golden Derrick Company.

Eduard Stavytsky, the current Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, and recent Director of Derzhgeonadra should certainly know something about this mysterious company. As a matter of fact, extraction licenses, even at the regional level, cannot be issued without Mr. Stavytsky knowing about it. Previously, the media even assumed that Mr. Stavytsky had complete control over Golden Derrick.

Slidstvo.Info spoke to Mr. Stavytsky at the Congress of the Party of Regions.

Do you know the Golden Derrick Company?

– Actually, I’ve heard something about it, but what do you really want to know?

Didn’t this company receive a lot of permits while you were in charge of Derzhgeonadra?

– I believe it’s an Austrian joint venture with Nadra Ukraine, right?

Do you or any members of your family have a direct connection to this company?

– Not at all … That’s all pure speculation!

Business and Family Nest

So, Mr. Stavytsky also denies any knowledge of the Golden Derrick Company. But, can we actually believe what he’s saying? For example, when we asked the Minister whether he knew that Ukrainian gas fields were being actively consolidated by Oleksandr Yanukovych’s company, Mr. Stavytskyy replied without batting an eyelid: “Who’s that?”

Eduard Stavytsky: “Oleksandr Yanukovych? Who’s that?”

To verify the authenticity of the Minister’s assertions, we decided to find out a bit more about him and his family.

Edward Stavytsky is not involved in business himself. At one time, he was in charge of the Resource and Production Association, “Ekolohichni Palyva Ukrayiny” (Environmentally-Safe Fuel of Ukraine), and was a confidant of the presidential candidate, Viktor Yanukovych, in the 2010 election.

The Minister’s father, Anatoliy Stavytsky, is involved in the construction business, and in particular, manages the Monolith-2 Company. Eduard Stavytsky’s mother, Viktoriya Ivanivna, is a member of the Communist Party, Secretary of the Oleksandriysk City Council (Kirovohrad Region), and is currently running for the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) as candidate of the district majority. At different times, she has been a member of the management of such companies as Monolith-2, the Resource and Production Association, “Ekolohichni Palyva Ukrayiny”, and Capital Bud Invest Group.

The Minister’s wife, Olena Stavytska, is also an active public figure. She studied at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, and in 2006, ran for the Verkhovna Rada as candidate of the Green Party.

Besides having the same family name, all these persons are connected in another way. Residents of neighbouring buildings often see them at 31H Shota Rustaveli Street. It is namely here that the companies involving the Minister’s relatives are or were registered.


Stavytsky family nest – 31H Shota Rustaveli (Photo: promap.ua site)


The Stavytsky family bought this house and made major repairs and renovations in 2006. Today, neighbours report that when Eduard Stavytsky arrives at the family office, his bodyguards don’t allow the residents to leave the surrounding buildings. The neighbours of the Stavytsky family also told us about the Minister’s weakness for numbers – supposedly, all the cars driven by the Stavyskys include “0030” and various letters. Generally speaking, the Minister and his family are not very polite and keep to themselves.

The main point is that Mr. Stavytsky is not at all a stranger to Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, the Minister of Agrarian Policy.

According to certain registration data dated 2007, Olena Stavytska, Anatoliy Stavytsky, and Mykola Prysyazhnyuk were the founders of the MonolithInvest Company, with an authorized capital of nine million UAH.

A closer look at Eduard Stavytsky’s immediate friends and acquaintances revealed even more business partners connected to Mr. Prysyazhnyuk. For example, the Derzhgeonadra administration, which grants licenses for the exploitation of mineral resources, is headed by Oleksandr Sushko. Previously, this man was in charge of the commercial institute Quartzite, whose office address (17 Shota Rustaveli Str.) is the same as the headquarters of Mykola Prysyazhnyuk’s companies. It is namely the employees under Oleksandr Sushko who prepared the fabricated response to our inquiry about the distribution of gas fields.

MAP (Western Ukraine): Lviv-K,K,K; Ivano-Frankivsk-K,K,I; Chernivtsi-KOLEKSANDR YANUKOVUCH (light blue Y)Inter-Regional Gas Company LLC        3 BILLION M3*

Luhansk Region:                                          1. Serbska Field                                              2. Syrotynska Field                                      3. Zolotarevska Field                                   4. Baranykivska Field

Kharkiv Region:                                            5. Nyzhnyortyshchivska Field


Ukrnaftoburrinya LLC                                Esko-Pivnich LLC                                      Pari LLC                                                     18 BILLION M3*

Kharkiv Region:                                           1. Sakhalinska Field                                   2. Karaykozivska Field                                3. Rakytnyanska Field                                 4. Rohanska Field    

Ivano-Frankivsk Region:                             5. Chemyhivska Field                                  6. Pylypivska Field


Map (Central Ukraine): Kyiv; Poltava-20xPS;MYKOLA PRYSYAZHNYUK, EDUARD STAVYTSKY (dark blue PS)                  Golden Derrick LLC                                Approximate reserves: no dataPoltava Region:                                         1. Druzhyninska Field                               2. Zvyazivska Field                                   3. Lyutensko-Budyshchanska Field          4. Harkushynska Field                              5. Mlynska Field                                        6. Mayorivska Field                                   7. Pivdenno-Rozpashnivska Field            8. Kovalivsko-Sulymivska Field                9. Klyushnykivska Field                            10. Bolotivsko-Zakhidno-Sukhodolivska   11. Zuyivska Field                                     12. Pivnichno-Fedorivska Field                13. Zakhidno-Novoukrayinska Field         14. Hulakivska Field                                  15. Vilshanska Field                                 16. Davydivsko-Lelyukhivska Field           17. Vovkivsko-Zuyivska Field                   18. Butivsko-Myrhorodska Field               19. Boyarsko-Chapayivska Field              20. Florivsko-Yuvileyna Field            

Dnipropetrovsk Region                               21. ————————–                                


Map (Eastern Ukraine): Kharkiv-K,K,K,K,K,I,I, Y,Z; Luhansk-Y,Y,Y,Y,Z,Z,Z,Z,I,I; Dnipropetrovsk-8xPS; Donetsk-ZYUKHYM ZVYAHILSKY (green Z)              O.F. Zasyadko Mine PJSC                          5 BILLION M3*Kharkiv Region:                                             1. Volodarska Field                                       

Luhansk Region:                                            2. Zakutnya Field                                           3. Pivnichno-Lobachivska Field                        4. Yampilska Field                                         5. Zakhidno-Derkulska Field                        

YURIY IVANYUSHCHENKO (yellow I)        Nadra Luhanshchyna LLC                          Alba Resource LLC                                     Myronivkabudmontazh LLC                       LuhBur LLC                                                  IK Sphera Plus LLC                                    8 BILLION M3*

Luhansk Region:                                            1. Kirovska Field                                            2. Kreminska Field





When we talked with Mykola Prysyazhnyuk on the verandah of the Cabinet of Ministers a few minutes before a government meeting, we asked him whether he had shared business interests with the Stavytsky family. “No, I haven’t.” replied the Minister curtly, and disappeared into the maze of corridors.

However, Mykola Prysyazhnyuk may control at least 28 gas deposits in the Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk Regions through Peter Pallag. It is not at all surprising that local authorities cooperate so zealously with Golden Derrick.

Mykola Prysyazhnyuk can start counting up his profits from gas fields (photo: UkrPhoto)

To consider Messrs. Prysyazhnyuk and Stavytsky persons of the same caliber would be a mistake. Of course, it was namely Eduard Stavytsky who helped in the alienation of Mezhyhirya, the current residence of the President of Ukraine. Not only is Mykola Prysyazhnyuk a godfather to one of Viktor Yanukovych’s children, but also they have both been friends since the Yenakiyevo days and know a lot about each other. Stavytsky probably acts out the role of junior partner.

The last question we asked ourselves when preparing this investigation: Why does an “agrarian” millionaire want to extract gas? It seems that Mr. Prysyazhnyuk isn’t really interested in gas.

“I think that this structure collects these permits in order to use them later, without actually starting some semblance of work now.” says Poltava Deputy, Stepan Bulba. Maybe that’s really the way it is… grabbing the opportunity to get something for free, something that can be sold later on. There’s not a single businessman who could resist such an opportunity… even if he was employed as minister.

Anna Babinets, Dmytro Hnap, Slidstvo.Info, August 17, 2012