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Ми щиро дякуємо кожному за пожертви, якими ви підтримуєте наш Центр і роботу юридичної команди.

Це – найкраща відзнака та найдієвіший стимул для нас рухатися далі: викривати корумпованих чиновників, направляти заяви про злочин у правоохоронні органи, контролювати хід слідства, закривати законодавчі дірки, що дозволяють корупціонерами та хабарникам залишатися непокараними.

Фінансування сектору протидії корупції міжнародними організаціями дозволяє нам залучати необхідні для реалізації наших кампаній та проектів кошти.

Утім, ми залишаємо відкритими наші банківські реквізити для тих, хто вважатиме за можливе і далі демонструвати довіру нашій команді своїми пожертвами.

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State Tax Service employees help Oleksandr Yanukovich with their own money

The employees of the central department of the Tax Service of Ukraine have contacted “Ukraine Pravda”… They told that starting from the month of March they are strongly pushed to have their salary account in the All Ukrainian Bank of Development(Vseukrainskiy bank rozvytku – VBR).

This it one of the cases when there is no need to prove the fact of the involvement so called “President family” to the affair. The All Ukrainian Bank of Development belongs officially to Oleksandr Yanukovich, the older son of the acting head of the country. This is accepted in public way on the website of the bank.

The “Economic Pravda” has several publications about the fact that the ex head of the Tax Service(Vitaliy Zakharchenko, now the Minister of Interior) and the acting head of the Tax Service(Oleksandr Klimenko) are friends of Oleksandr Yanukovich. Nevertheless, only Mr. Klimenko preceded to offer to his friend such a service.

The ex-head of the Tax Service – Sergey Buryak is the owner of the one of the biggest Ukrainian banks – “BrokBusinessBank” But even he didn’t manage the Tax Service employees to have their accounts for salary transfers in his bank. Mr. Buryak lobbied that the employees of the Ministry of Economy got their salary accounts in BBB bank. This Ministry is renting some office space from the Tax Service building on the Lviv square as well as some Tax Office related structures.

The central department of the Tax Service of Ukraine has approximately 1200-1300 employees. Even if they earn in average 8000 UAH per month, it generates the additional cash flow of 10 millions towards VBR bank. It is not a huge amount, but however some help to the bank which belongs to the Mr. Klymenko friend.

As the Tax Service employees told us they were ordered to fill some forms/questionnaire in February. As the result of it in February 2012 all the central department employees were transferred to VBR. This bank gave not only salary debit card, but a deposit card and a credit card. The employees could not choose to stay with their previous bank or with the VBR.

Starting from 2004 central department of the Tax Service employees were serviced by “UkrExImBank”. It is the second largest bank in Ukraine, belongs to the state and has the highest international ratings of reliability. The VBR is private and 88-th of the size in UA. We do not know whether it ever has got any international ratings.

Though, it has 2 great advantages. The first –it is the owner. The second – the Chairman of the Management Board is Valentina Arbusova, the mother of the acting head of National Bank of Ukraine SerghiyArbusov. The interesting fact is that Valentina Arbusova is the head of the Tax Payers Association of Ukraine. As to our data this particular structure was created to be an intermediate in decision making questions with the State Tax Service.

Oleksander Yanukovich.  Photo Tabloid

They said: “In January 2011 the PJSC ”All Ukrainian Bank of Development” gave their offer to State Tax Service concerning the salary payments system. According to the results of the tender held by Ministry of Finance, the PJSC ”All Ukrainian Bank of Development” is empowered to work with salary payments of the state organizations”.We asked Mme. Arbusova to explained why the state “UkrExim” was changed to her bank, and never get the answer. But the Tax Service sent us the response.

The State Tax Service explains their decision as economically rational.

First, the service fees in VBR are less than in “UkrEximBank”. The offered rate for the cashiers operations is 0,05 % and is less than in their previous agreement with “UkrEximBank”. The economy of the money is sensible even just for the central department and can reach 50K UAH. This is important in the context of the limited financing from the budget for functioning” – they said.

Second, the VBR is serviced by the “Radius” withdrawal machines network, which is quite large and just in Kiev has 400 machines.

Recently VBR has installed the 2 withdrawal machines on the territory of the State Tax Service and near. If the employee needs to get some cash he/she could use the banks partners’ network. We should say that the “Radius” net is large indeed. It is partially controlled by PUMB of Rinat Ahmetov, the SwedBank and UkrSocBank participates in it as well.

However, there is a little thing. We do not know the amount of commission that is taken by banks-partnersto make a withdrawal from this salary cards. But the clients of PUMB bank, in the same “Radius” network are paying 2 UAH every withdrawal. And if you need to make a withdrawal of 100 UAH instead of 1000 UAH this commission is not negligible. This is concerning announced “more favorable” conditions for employees.


Remind that the All Ukrainian Bank of Development distributed to each employee the two other cards – deposit card and a credit card.

People say that in February employees had to fill another enquete, in which it was offered to transfer by good will a part of the income to the deposit account. Some people have signed the document, some – not.

But in March the money were transferred for both. So the regular Tax Office employees have discovered this interesting fact.

They were losing 50 UAH when performing any operation with their salary card.

As a result they were charged twice per month by 50 UAH first time with the advance payment and then with the rest of the salary payment.

To understand better the situation – a regular employee in the central department of the Tax Office has a salary around 4000-4500 UAH/month. So the 100 UAH/month is a sensible loss.

The employees were told that the money is not lost, and put to the deposit card. But the card owners can’t verify this, because the bank’s number in Donetsk, which was given to them, is in the voice mail mode.

In their official reply to us the Tax Office recognized that there is such kind of situation. In the letter to Economic Pravda the mechanism called “the possibility of automatic transfer of money to the deposit account “Okladny”.

Photo cenzor.net

“Under the conditions of the salary project of PJSC “All Ukrainian Bank of Development”, once per month there is a transfer of an amount of money(minimum 50 UAH), which is  put to the deposit account with the annual interest rate of 13%. On the demand of the employee this money can be obtained with the interest at any time.” – was the official answer of the Tax Office.

As to the Tax Office management, the offered conditions by the All Ukrainian Bank of Development and the large specter of services were the base for concluding the agreement with the bank.

Those employees of the Tax Office who contacted our media, are calling those transfers a theft.

But the management of the Tax Office, answered to us “there was no complaints registered from our employees for incorrect service”

We are sure that there were no complaints when the state employees were transferred to the banks of Rinat Akhmetov, Dmytro Firtash and Oleksander Yanukovich.

P.S. after publishing of this article we were called from the Tax Office press-service and informed:

It is possible for the employees to call also the Kiev branch of the bank.

And that the 3 cards were distributed as one service. Those employees who are not agreed to transfer money, could come to the Kiev’s office of the bank near Povitroflotskiy Bridge, and on written demand they could cancel the deposit card. The person who called us said that he did in this way.

by Serhiy Liamets, EP — 22/03/2012