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“Your noble silence is killing us” – fifty non-governmental organizations demand Poroshenko to admit repressions against activists in Ukraine and convene the National Security and Defense Council

On September 26, friends and defenders of victims of activists’ attacks made an open statement with demands to Ukrainian authorities and announced “The Night on Bankova” in front of the Presidential Administration – the action of solidarity with public activists, whose numerous attacks are not properly investigated, and instigators are still not punished.

The open statement has been published in Facebook-events “The Night on Bankova. The silence is killing”.

“In recent months, there was a wave of targeted attacks on activists across the country. We observe total ignore of them by law enforcement agencies which start to act only under pressure from the public. During 2017, there were 54 attacks on representatives of the third sector,”- according to the open statement, which is signed by fifty non-governmental organizations and initiatives, as well as dozens of political parties and individual activists.

The signers emphasize that the President of Ukraine has not yet reacted to the problem of systematic attacks on activists, and law enforcement agencies “only simulate hectic activity that helps to avoid punishment to perpetrators and increases violence every day”.

“This can not continue in the country which had the Revolution of Dignity earlier”, – state initiators of the statement and “due to the increase of intensity of attacks inside the country” demand: to hold an extraordinary meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and create temporary investigative commission in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine regarding attacks on public activists in 2017-2018 with mandatory representation of parity participation in its work of representatives of civil society. A separate point concerns the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. He is required to report urgently in the Verkhovna Rada, and the heads of law enforcement agencies – “promptly and effectively investigate criminal proceedings against attacks on activists with reporting about each stage to the public”. Among demands for authorities, activists also state the need of “establishment of communication, disclosure of positions and problems due to the aggravation of the situation and impact of the Presidential elections on it”.

In case of neglecting of demands, the signers of the statement will protect their own security “by all available means.” Thus, victims’ friends and defenders, according to the statement, are going to hold an action in front of the Presidential Administration on September 27 at 18.00 and ask all concerned to join “The Night on Bankova”.

More than a thousand users have already confirmed their participation, and another 4,100 Ukrainians are interested in the following event ( published on Facebook.