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The Security Service of Ukraine unlawfully takes the authority to verify illicit enrichments of its staff members

The State Security Service (SSS) informed that it had conducted an investigation following the media story about luxurious cars of SSS officials, but had not identified facts of illicit enrichment.

However, the SSS does not have the authority either to verify asset declarations or to investigate illicit enrichment of its officials. According to the law, verification of all asset declarations is under the responsibility of the Agency on Corruption Prevention, while respective criminal investigations of senior officials fall within the capacity of the NABU.

However, neither NABU nor NAPC has access to e-declarations of the SSS officials, which are submitted to closed parallel system, and therefore has a limited opportunity to effectively investigate illicit enrichment of SSS officials.

The SSS is using its parallel system of asset disclosure not only to prevent public access to such declarations, but also to block NABU from investigating signs of corruption of its officials.  

ANTAC filed a lawsuit against SSS and NAPC with demand to ensure public access to e-declarations of SSS senior officials as provided by the law on prevention of corruption.