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MP Pashynskyi Asks to Impose Criminal Liability on Journalists “for Undermining the State Defensive Capacity”

Serhii Pashynskyi, First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) and Head of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence, asks the Committee to draft legislation amendments regarding criminal responsibility “for undermining the state defensive capacity”.

It is the journalist activity that the amendments should apply to.

“There come some [Russian] FSB guys who use our journalists for deliberate undermining of the state defensive capacity. That is why we held consultations with many factions in the Parliament, I am asking our MPs headed by Mr. Vinnyk (Ivan Vinnyk – MP from Poroshenko’s Bloc, – ed.) along with the Committee on the Freedom of Speech to draft amendments to legislation in the part of liability, including the criminal one, for undermining the defensive capacity through disseminating information known to be false”, – said Pashynskyi.

MP Ivan Vynnyk stressed upon the fact that the corresponding law draft will be offered for Parliamentary hearing in the next few weeks.

As it was previously reported, Polish company Wtorplast is to take legal action against the publisher “Novoye Vremya” and the author of investigation on corruption with military equipment procurement for the Ukrainian army for over a million USD for “harming their business reputation”

Deputy Minister of Defense said that UkrOboronProm procured IFVs from the Czech Republic for 169 thousand USD, and not 205, as the “Novoye Vremya” article says.

Let us remind that on April 5 the magazine “Novoye Vremya” in their weekly issue published the materialA Company of Two Served Together. Secret Orders for Defense Industry Become a Gold Mine for Authorities”.

The journalist investigation by Ivan Verstiuk is about how Ukrainian defense agencies arranged illegal scheme of procurement of products at inflated prices. MP Pashynskyi and the National Security and Defense Council deputy head Oleh Hladkovskyi are prominently featured in the article.

Pashynskyi’s lawyer claims that the MP is not connected with the facts stated in the investigation.

Editor-in-chief of “Novoye Vremya” Vitalii Sych reported that after the publication Pashynskyi’s lawyers came to  the office without prior notice looking to “settle the issue”.

According to Mr. Sych, the lawyers threatened them and demanded to publish the several-pages-long article of Pashynskyi himself in the magazine and his picture covering the front page.


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