About us

The Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) is a Ukrainian civil society organization, which unites experts from legal, media and civic-political sectors fighting corruption as a root cause of the key state-building problems in Ukraine.

AntAC’s strategic goal for 2013-2015 is to create conditions, under which it would be too risky and unprofitable for the authorities to engage in corruption

 Why AntAC is focused on grand political corruption?

 AntAC aims at curtailing grand political corruption, which occurs on the stage of making policy decisions by officials. Political corruption within a captured state, such as Ukraine, becomes a root cause of governance problems. Political corruption significantly increases the level of administrative corruption and gives rise for petty corruption. Political corruption washes up billions of state budget funds and drains natural resources of the country depriving its people from fundamental human rights.

AntAC’s anti-corruption activity is based on the following principles:

  • Сorruption has a face (behind every corrupt case there is a person)
  • Difference of origins of political, administrative and petty corruption is importnat
  • Transparency of public financing
  • Inevitability of calling to legal responsibility for corrupt acts
  • Increasing costs and risks of corruption
  • Close partnership with members of the parliament, investigative journalists and issue-based civic society organizations
  • Tracing money and revealing ownership of corporate vehicles
  • The use of international legal and political tools to curb political corruption in Ukraine

AntAC measures results of its anti-corruption activity with the following key indicators:

  • Amount of state budget funds, which AntAC managed to prevent/stop from illegal outflow and to recover for social projects
  • Amount of state officials, specifically officers of law enforcement agencies, judiciary and financial authorities, brough to justice  for corrupt activities or for covering corruption

To achieve our objective the AntAC currently works on the following initiatives:

National dimention (the use of national legal and political tools)

1. Monitoring and curtailing corruption in state procurement and other areas of public finances.

2. Advocating for legislative amendments to eliminate loopholes promoting corruption.

3. Corruption in health care.

International dimention (the use of international legal and political tools)

4. Anti-money laundering

5. Stolen assets recovery

  • Rascalndear

    The documentary on Nashi Hroshi is excellent! Thanks!! We may yet save the Maidan.

  • Анонімний

    I recommend the LawlessLatvia website and LatviavEBRD Youtube channel for information about how the EU, IMF, and EBRD fund a Ukrainian money-laundering racket in Latvia.