Ukraine as an investment: how anticorruption reforms repaid

Corruption and lack of trust in judiciary are still affecting the investment climate in Ukraine more than the conflict with Russia. This conclusion was given by the study of obstacles to foreign investments to Ukraine in early September 2017. To improve business climate, investors expect Ukraine to concentrate on fighting corruption, including bringing to justice allegedly corrupt top officials and judges, ensuring independence of the judiciary and timely implementation of IMF program.

Who Is Olha Varchenko? Investigation

Photo 1 varchenko face

Head of the Division of the Proceedings Control, State Prosecution and Representation in the Court of the Department for Investigation of Particularly Important Cases in the Field of Economy of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine
Varchenko Olha Oleksandrivna.

Who Will Lead the State Bureau of Investigations?

After 20,5 months of work on November 16, 2017 the selection panel unanimously chose Roman Truba as the director of the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) and Olga Varchenko as the first deputy director. With 6 out of 9 votes the panel selected Oleksandr Buryak as the deputy director.

Pandora’s Box Of Secret Agents’ E-Declarations

Just 55 out of 1,3 million officials’ electronic asset declarations have passed full verification by National Agency on Corruption Prevention and no signs of enrichment have been detected. Nobody should have any illusions regarding willingness of the Agency to pursue this reform.

7 steps for the President to avoid creation of independent anticorruption court

the President gave an unambiguous signal that implementation of other part of recommendations – expeditious submission of new draft law based on key provisions of the bill #6011 – shall not be expected. The President has already outlined tactics to delay establishment of independent anticorruption court for at least 4-5 months and at the same time – to shift responsibility on the Parliament and even the Venice Commission.

Legend of Judge Arthur (Yemelianov) – Investigation

During the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, judge Artur Yemelianov rocketed up the career ladder from deputy head of the Donetsk regional economic court to deputy head of the High Economic Court of Ukraine. He is still administering justice in spite of having been the subject of several journalist investigations on the large-scale raiding and corruption as well as criminal case investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office on unlawful interference with the operation of judicial bodies.