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AntAC Welcomes Changes to NABU Law, but Warns on Last-Minute Flaws

On February 12, 2015 Ukrainian parliament passed the law, which significantly amends the existing legislation on National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) to be set up in Ukraine on the following months. AntAC welcomes such a decision of a legislator, as it introduces crucial safeguards for the independent work of NABU, specifically:   High salaries for staff [...]

AntAC has launched a project about those who steal public money

Anti-Corruption Action Center’s team has launched a new project «УКР.АВ» (STOLEN in Ukrainian) aimed to open information on the officials and law enforcement officers who steal budget money. Anti-corruption activists have already published 230 names of state officials who were noticed in more than 300 corruption cases. “We started this project so that every official [...]

Without legislative changes, Anti-corruption Bureau will be crowded with werewolves

Tomorrow, the Verkhovna Rada will vote on Draft Bill No.1406 – amendments to the Law “On National Anti-corruption Bureau“, which was crippled by the Parliament of previous convocation. The Draft Bill is the first aspen stake into the heart of old system, whose zombies are already lining up to the Bureau striving for positions of [...]

Parliament adopted number of anti-corruption bills

Today,on October 14, 2014 the Parliament of Ukraine voted for the  so-called “anti-corruption package of laws”, developed during the last few months jointly by civic society, government, president, anti-corruption committee of the parliament and international organizations. Among them are the following: 1. The Law of Ukraine “On grounds of state anti-corruption policy in Ukraine (Anti-corruption [...]

Turchynov is blocking the main anti-corruption law of the country

  On September 4 President of Ukraine submitted the draft law “On the system of special authorized subjects in the area of countering corruption”, which forms the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, to the Parliament as urgent. Week passed, but draft law has not yet been registered, although there are no formal reasons for this. We call on Speaker [...]

Pharm companies in Ukraine raised their prices for medical products by up to 300%

Patient and anti-corruption organizations are calling on pharm companies not to sell medical products to Ukraine at the price of gold, and to decrease the prices instead to the level as 2013. When envelopes were opened up during tender procedures, it appeared that the prices were substantially raised by pharm companies without any grounds. For example, medical products for children’s’ oncology were raised by 40%-60%, [...]