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Courts won – The First Step Before European Sanctions Lifted – D. Kalenyuk

A year and a half ago, the General Prosecutor’s Office perfectly understood the problems with the EU sanctions placed on former officials and Yanukovych’s henchmen, but in fact, did nothing to save them – CEO of the Anti Corruption Action Centre Daria Kalenyuk. The removing of sanctions against M. Azarov, S. Klyuev, S. Arbuzov and [...]

Asset recovery laws adopted by parliament are worsening seizure and confiscation regime in Ukraine

November 10, Kyiv – Today Ukraine’s parliament adopted a set of laws aimed at improving asset recovery procedures in the country. Specifically, draft laws #3040 (on asset recovery and management office), #2540a (on asset seizure) and #2541a (on special - third party – confiscation). However, the parliamentarians significantly changed the initial drafts developed and introduced by [...]

Anti-corruption organizations demand Prosecutor General to replace Sevruk with Kessler

Anti-corruption organizations demand Prosecutor General to replace Sevruk with Kessler Kyiv, November 9,  – Transparency International-Ukraine, Anti-corruption Action Centre and Reanimation Reform Package are demanding Prosecutor General to react on valid concerns of civil society regarding independent and unbiased selection process to the anti-corruption prosecution office. Specifically, we urge Prosecutor General to appoint Giovanni Kessler, [...]

300 Million UAH Almost Stolen for the Renovation of Luhansk Roads

The cost for renovating Luhansk roads was lowered by 294 million UAH after an appeal was received at the Prosecutor General’s Office from the Anti-Corruption Action Center. Now, the State Budget will allocate 93 million UAH for the renovation instead of the originally promised 387 million UAH because the majority of the roads which were [...]