Success stories


300 Million UAH Almost Stolen for the Renovation of Luhansk Roads

The cost for renovating Luhansk roads was lowered by 294 million UAH after an appeal was received at the Prosecutor General’s Office from the Anti-Corruption Action Center. Now, the State Budget will allocate 93 million UAH for the renovation instead of the originally promised 387 million UAH because the majority of the roads which were [...]

The Court is Considering a Second Appeal Regarding the Corrupt “Diamond Prosecutors.” The General Prosecutor’s Office Will Ask for Bail to Be Enlarged Ten-Fold

21.07.2015 at 2:00 PM, the Kyiv City Appellate Court will be considering a second appeal regarding the cancellation of preventative measures and the enlargement of the bail sum to 30 million UAH for the Deputy Head of the Investigative Department for the Prosecutor General’s Office Volodymyr Shapakin, whom the Prosecutor General’s Office suspects of receiving [...]

AntAC Returned 3 Billion UAH to the State Budget From Corrupt Public Procurement Contracts

Activists from the Anti-Corruption Action Center managed to return 3 billion UAH to the Ukrainian budget after appealing suspicious tenders in the public procurement process through their UKRAW program. In order to accomplish this feat, AntAC’s civil society activists sent more than 1,000 applications to regulatory and law enforcement bodies. “Unfortunately, civil society activists are [...]

New State Service of Medical Products Head Has Been Nominated

The Ministry of Health has nominated Serhiy Hur’yev as the new Head of the State Service of Medical Products. Official documentation sent from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to the Anti-Corruption Action Center revealed the submission of his candidacy. It should be noted, however, that the Ministry of Health has not yet officially announced the nomination. The only message regarding the next head of this department on the Ministry of Health’s website is that the selection process for a new head had been completed.