After a “Chance Encounter” with Kolomoyskyi, Prosecutor General Lutsenko Took away from the State-owned “PrivatBank” Compromising Evidence Against the Oligarch


On December 7, the Prosecutor General’s Office searched the nationalized “PrivatBank” on suspicion of its officials having created a scheme of seizing the money via lending to legal entities. “Kroll” detectives, investigating the bank assets withdrawal by its former owners, also fall under suspicion of being the scheme accessories.

New Scenarios of Undermining NABU Initiated by Lutsenko

On December 11 on the national TV program, Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko announced that following MPs Herasymov and Burbak, his wife Iryna Lutsenko, MP and Representative of President in the Verkhovna Rada, also has intention to introduce a draft law “to resolve contradictions” in the NABU activities.

Ukraine as an investment: how anticorruption reforms repaid

Corruption and lack of trust in judiciary are still affecting the investment climate in Ukraine more than the conflict with Russia. This conclusion was given by the study of obstacles to foreign investments to Ukraine in early September 2017. To improve business climate, investors expect Ukraine to concentrate on fighting corruption, including bringing to justice allegedly corrupt top officials and judges, ensuring independence of the judiciary and timely implementation of IMF program.

Who Is Olha Varchenko? Investigation

Photo 1 varchenko face

Head of the Division of the Proceedings Control, State Prosecution and Representation in the Court of the Department for Investigation of Particularly Important Cases in the Field of Economy of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine
Varchenko Olha Oleksandrivna.

Who Will Lead the State Bureau of Investigations?

After 20,5 months of work on November 16, 2017 the selection panel unanimously chose Roman Truba as the director of the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) and Olga Varchenko as the first deputy director. With 6 out of 9 votes the panel selected Oleksandr Buryak as the deputy director.